Tomatoes with flavour all year round
Tomates en Rama

The pleasure of enjoyment

Unmistakable for their intense colour, freshness and exquisite traditional tomato flavour.

Tomate Rafa Cualin

The sun, a natural source of energy

It gives life to our crops and ripens them naturally, in Southern Spain, where we enjoy an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.

Cultivating with respect

We apply specialized growing techniques to obtain fruit of uniform quality all year round, with low energy consumption.

Perfect tomatoes

Every bunch lovingly grown to perfection and harvested at optimum ripeness.

From the field to personalized packaging

Tailor-made production, respectful packaging and daily deliveries so that you can enjoy the finest fresh tomatoes all year round.

Certified quality

Our growing, production and packing practices are recognised by the most prestigious quality standards in the market.