40 hectares of sustainable crops

We streamline and recycle

Our growing practices are highly efficient. We reuse irrigation water and fertilizers, avoiding environmental pollution, while recycling waste products from crop production.

 Juan José López/ CEO

We manage responsibly

Our company has a highly qualified management team and a workforce of more than 500 workers from 30 countries.

 Nicolas Hirschegger/ Head Grower
 Pedro López/ CFO
 Ana Mari Parra/ Occupational risk prevention
 Sergio Mato/ CCO

Energy efficiency

The sun is our main ally in saving energy, facilitating photosynthesis and natural ripening of the fruit. Moreover, our cogeneration plant provides heat in winter and CO2, which promotes plant growth.


Every drop of water counts

Optimal water management is a priority for Cualin Quality, so we channel all rainwater and make use of every drop of condensation, which is fed back into one of our irrigation ponds.

Healthy plants with nature’s help

Healthy, well-balanced cultivation is the basis for fine tomatoes. We use natural methods, with auxiliary insects to protect the plants and bumblebees to pollinate them and help us obtain higher-quality fruit.