Responsible with our surroundings and the environment.

cultivos responsables medio ambiente
cultivos responsables medio ambiente

The responsible use of resources to guarantee the satisfaction of our needs and those of future generations is an inescapable duty of all.

For Cualin Quality, being responsible with our surroundings and the environment is an essential condition in all parts of our production process.

Only in Europe dumps between 70,000 tons and 130,000 tons of plastic into the water each year, according to WWF data. And Spain throws more than 126 tons of plastics a day, placing itself as the second country that dumps the most plastics into the Mediterranean.

At Cualin Quality every day we implement new tools to reach our goal of being 100% sustainable; Like our completely plastic-free certified cardboard packaging, designed from scratch with the main premise of eliminating plastics from our production chain. Although there is a part of plastic that we cannot eliminate but that is periodically recycled thanks to associated and certified companies.

We work together with designers, printers and cardboard manufacturers to develop the best packaging option that takes care of both our tomatoes during transport and the environment, using only certified cardboard with a high percentage of recycled pulp and 100% recyclable with two fundamental objectives ; that the tomato arrives in the best conditions to our customers anywhere in Europe and that it does so in the most sustainable way possible.

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