En Cualin Quality desarrollamos los procesos y herramientas necesarios para depender cada vez menos de elementos plásticos

At Cualin Quality we develop the necessary processes and tools to depend less and less on plastic elements

Europe alone dumps between 70,000 tons and 130,000 tons of plastic into the water each year, according to WWF data. And Spain throws more than 126 tons of plastics a day, placing itself as the second country that dumps the most plastics into the Mediterranean.

To date, only 9% of all plastic consumed has been recycled, 12% has been incinerated and the majority, the remaining 79%, has ended up in landfills and the environment.

Part of these plastics reach the sea as a result of deliberate dumping of garbage, accidental spills from ships or sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. But there is a part that is the result of the action of wind and rain because they have not been disposed of correctly, both for domestic consumption and by companies.

For this reason, our obligation as a company and as inhabitants of the planet is to reduce the overconsumption of plastics since it is, in addition to global warming, the main threat to our oceans and seas and the species that inhabit them; In the last 50 years, 7 out of 10 specimens of species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have disappeared from our planet.

At Cualin Quality we develop the necessary processes and tools to depend less and less on plastic elements, and those we use are conveniently processed and recycled. Years ago we began our path towards the zero use of plastic, especially with regard to the packaging of our tomatoes, using recycled cardboard and other recycled materials that are more easily recyclable than plastic.

In addition, during our production process, we use and test waste-free tools, not only in relation to active ingredients for tomato cultivation, but also accessories such as wires and clips for guiding plants, choosing those that are totally recyclable.

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